Purpose and Values

Attigo Academy Trust was created for member schools to work in partnership whilst maintaining their autonomy and unique qualities. We celebrate the diversity and individuality of each community.  Our Trust embraces inclusion and aims to achieve excellence for all. We ensure that our children have outstanding learning experiences and put opportunity for every child at the heart of everything we do. Our Trust is committed to working together for the well-being of all by investing in our community.

Our core values that are embraced by all academies within the Trust are:

Partnership and Diversity

All schools in the Attigo Academy Trust are committed to working collaboratively, supporting each other and sharing skills and knowledge to maintain and improve standards across the Trust. Attigo Academy Trust recognises the individuality and embraces the uniqueness of each of the schools within its partnership. All schools adhere to the Trust vision, values, aims and policies but maintain a level of autonomy in order to meet the diverse needs of the children in our individual schools. It is important for any school wishing to join our Trust that they are willing to commit to taking an active and supportive role within it.


Children will learn the value of working together in our Trust, schools, the local area and as successful citizens of the global community. This includes any learning undertaken beyond the classroom – in other areas of the school, the school grounds, the neighbourhood and local area, at home, in London and further afield.


Excellence, at Attigo Academy Trust, means that we will always strive to achieve our very best in all areas of school life. We aim to achieve excellence in our Trust and schools through promoting high aspirations for our children to ensure they make outstanding progress in academic, sporting and personal achievements. Excellence is a continuously moving target that we aim to achieve; it means no excuses, but high expectations.


We value and respect all our children and celebrate diversity in our Trust and schools. The well-being – mental, emotional and physical – of the children is paramount. Teachers will plan for both curriculum subjects and for experiences to support children’s well-being, meeting the needs of all children in the class. This will support the whole-school and Trust-wide approach of promoting good social, emotional and behavioural skills and attitudes, enabling our children to face challenges and to excel. This may include working with experts in a particular field, visits from inspirational speakers and opportunities to work in professional environments.