Information, Donating and Criteria to Access the Hardship Fund Scheme

During the coronavirus crisis we have responded by sourcing food for families through charities, the school food bank and food parcels. We recognise this is challenging to maintain during school holidays and when families are in crisis.

With the approval of The Trustees we have set up a hardship fund which will support families with food vouchers. Food vouchers can provide immediate support therefore giving us time to put families in contact with local food banks, Enfield stands together, local charities and benefits such as free school meals.

In addition, we want to be able to offer some families clothing vouchers for school uniform suppliers, for those pupils moving on to secondary school if their income is under £15,400 per annum.

Some families struggle to purchase secondary school uniform so we can help with some of the costs through this fund. School uniform should not be a barrier to pupils attending school.

The vouchers will be provided with a guide on how to access longer term support supplemented by conversations with families through the school pastoral team/parent support advisors.

Rather than using income as the deciding factor we will consider the following criteria:

  • Families informing the school that they are in an immediate state of crisis who are not currently entitled to free school meals (FSMs)
  • Families who we are referring to the food bank but are struggling for food whilst their referral is processed
  • Families who may have been impacted by job loss, loss of self-employed income or those already impacted by in-work poverty as they have been pushed to crisis by a reduction in income because of being furloughed
  • Families where childcare issues have resulted in job loss or reduction of hours forcing a crisis
  • Families waiting for benefits claims to be assessed resulting in short term poverty if emergency grants are pending or have already been used up
  • Families where we have identified that a young person is acting as a carer thus creating additional vulnerabilities and pressures
  • Families currently impacted by homelessness

It will be a requirement that vouchers are allocated where this has been agreed by two members of the Senior Leadership teams from the school.

If you feel you are eligible, please contact your school directly.

If you would like to make a donation then please send an email to the finance email account at Attigo  and we will send you information about how to transfer funds. You can also apply for gift aid and we will issue a receipt once the funds have been received.